Ariel Simms

Ariel Simms
Investment Advisor

I am Ariel Simms, Investment Advisor with PACE Securities Corp. It is my job to make sure our members have the comprehensive wealth management services they deserve. I work with individuals, families and institutions to bring them financial solutions that suit their specific needs. Services at PACE Securities Corp. range from portfolio management to financial planning and providing Estate and tax consultation. Risk management is very important for investors and if I determine that insurance part of the solution, I am also an Insurance Advisor with PACE Insurance Ltd. It is my mission to find out what makes our members tick! What are their goals…financial and otherwise? What are their passions? What are their values? What does retirement look like to them? I take a holistic approach in discovering all relevant information from our members before we develop an action plan for savings, investment, spending and ultimately passing on an Estate in the most tax efficient manner.

After completing my degree at University of Toronto, I rose through the ranks at the top wealth management institutions in Canada during a time of extreme market volatility and uncertainty. Taking with me the depth of experience and skills I developed during those years, I decided to become an advisor myself.  

My business is entirely member-centric. We at PACE Securities Corp. are not in the business of selling investment products – in fact we as an institution don’t have any! Our role is to select the most appropriate strategy for each and every members’ situation. We work to provide consistent, risk-adjusted, returns with low volatility and if possible though certain products, guarantees to preserve capital. Conservative investment strategies are the cornerstone of my investment philosophy and each member that I work with knows that I am transparent, independent and brutally honest.

I am always happy to help our members to review their portfolio, whether it is at PACE Credit Union or another financial institution. 

On a personal note, I am married to my lovely wife of 5 years and just recently became a father for the first time! In my spare time I enjoy fishing, skiing and playing guitar. I am also involved in charitable work and fundraising for various causes that are close to my heart. I love my career as an advisor because it gives me the opportunity work hard for my members so that they have peace of mind that their finances are properly managed and their retirement is comfortable.