Margaret Pakula

Margaret Pakula
Investment Advisor

My name is Margaret Pakula. I am an Investment Advisor with PACE Securities Corp. I am also an Insurance Advisor with PACE Insurance Corp.

I have been in the financial industry for over 12 years; building expertise in banking, lending and investing.  I have presented over 300 seminars on investing from the most basic such as Introduction to Investing to Advanced Options Strategies and Technical Analysis.

I work with clients on building optimal portfolios based on customized investment strategies that maximize profit and minimize risk in all market conditions by employing technical analysis, economic and geopolitical research.

I use my own extensive analysis as well as third party research to recommend unbiased ideas, suggestions, and alternatives, as they relate to you and your custom tailored wealth strategy.

I have a passion for building partnerships with my clients on their wealth building journey. I find excitement in capital markets and the opportunities they present in all conditions. I use dynamic strategies that evolve and adapt to the constantly changing market.

Beyond the realm of deciphering markets, I spend my time exploring the outdoors with my three children.