Portfolio Management

PACE Securities Corp (PSC) offers managed accounts for equity, fixed income, and related derivative portfolios.  This service is provided to both retail and institutional clients.  Joseph Thomson, President & CEO of PSC, is registered as a portfolio manager with IIROC and the OSC.

Traditional Strategies


For equity portfolios we use a value investing methodology.  We look for companies that are trading at low valuations which do not reflect their long term prospects.  We use a number of variables to determine whether a company is in fact undervalued, rather than just in decline.  Our goal is to create a diversified value portfolio that has significant expected value at all times.  History has shown that this patient approach can deliver attractive returns with a modest amount of risk.

Fixed Income

For fixed income investing in this low rate environment we have a preference for high yield bonds.  These are bonds rated below BBB on the S&P scale.  We are primarily interested in bonds rated between B and BB+.  These bonds enjoy a significant yield pick up over BBB or so-called investment grade bonds because insurance companies and pension funds generally use bonds with ratings of BBB or higher to manage their liabilities.  This means there is less demand and therefore disproportionately higher yields available in bond rated below BBB.  For clients where high yield bonds are suitable we suggest building a well-diversified portfolio of bonds from both Canadian and US issuers.  Please see our high yield page for more information.

Alternative Strategies

PSC provides accredited investors with the opportunity to participate in so-called alternative strategies, such as statistical volatility arbitrage and long/short equity investing.

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