Retail Investment Advisory

PACE Securities Corp’s investment advisors services are available to both the members of PACE Credit Union and the general public.  Advisors develop and execute investment strategies that address each client’s individual needs and preferences.  Clients have access to many account types; cash, margin, RRSP, RESP, LIRA etc.  They may invest in shares, bonds, options and mutual funds from 139 fund providers.  Please contact a PSC investment advisor today to discuss your investment goals.

Please contact us to be refered to a PSC investment advisor.

Phone: 905-532-9633

Your Advisors

Name Title Email address  Phone number
Margaret Pakula Investment Advisor 905-532-9946
Gigi Yip Investment Advisor 905-532-9985
Patrick Carson Senior Investment Advisor 905-532-9981
Ariel Simms   Investment Advisor 905-532-9908
Tajie Varicat Investment Advisor 905-532-0134