PACE Capital Management

PACE Capital Management (PCM) is the asset management division of PACE Securities Corp ( (PSC). It is focused on high yield bonds and alternative investment strategies.

PACE Securities Corp is an IIROC regulated investment dealer and OSC regulated investment fund manager. Its offerings include PACE Capital Partners LP (PCP), a hedge fund focused on high yield debt.

The trading strategy used by PCM has been developed by the principals over the past three years. PACE Capital Partners LP (PCP) uses leverage to purchase a portfolio of North American Corporate bonds rated between CCC+ and BBB-. PCP aims to provide clients with diversification across multiple industry sectors targeting an absolute return of in the range of 12% net of fees.

In addition to the PCM division, PACE Securities Corp also engages in proprietary trading and has a retail advisor division providing full service advice to individual retail investors. Through related subsidiaries it may also be an issuer of exempt and non-exempt securities.

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